No tracking links in summary mails

I get daily summary mails for new forum topics, which is nice. All links in those mails are tracking links however. Can that tracking be disabled?

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I don’t know, I didn’t find anything in the settings. I’ve asked:

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From the response there, I’d assume that the tracking doesn’t originate from Discourse (which is weird, but hey, who knows?). In the notification today I’ve received the following link: Do not track emails - support - Discourse Meta which clearly is a tracking link and redirects me to Do not track emails - support - Discourse Meta

If it’s not Discourse generating those links, is our mail provider?

Sorry for the fuzz but I generally don’t click any tracking links, but now I’m almost forced to. ):

@sukoneck can you disable the tracking settings in sendgrid?

@ra don’t be sorry. I hate tracking, and I would hate us doing it, so this is a very nice topic to explore.

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done :+1:


no more tracking links :tada:

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Thanks for flagging this @ra !