My Metamask wallet was compromised

Hello everyone,
i am here because i need your help. Unfortunately, a few days ago my Metamask wallet was compromised. After that, after 10 minutes, my wallet was emptied, ie ETH, BNB, BabyDoge were stolen immediately. On 6/19/23 there was a claim and listing of AIDoge and the scammers stole my 10 million tokens to the minute. In 1.5 to 2 months ecoterra will list and at least I would like to save these tokens worth about 450 euros. I still have some time, maybe with your help, to develop a rescue strategy.
If anyone wanted to know how something like this happened, on Telegram I was on AIDoge Official Page or I thought I was on the real official page until I realized that I was given a fraudulent link to the claim and unfortunately my wallet is ruined as a result been compromised. Even if it was my mistake, I ask you for help on what can be done to save the ecoterra tokens. I received the recommendation to contact you from ecoterra support.
Thank you in advance and best regards