Mismatch between implementation and docs about Bundle ordering formula

Hi everyone! I’m currently actively investigating block builder. And I’m a little bit confused about bundle and tx ordering algo in block.

According to implementation and blocks produced by flashbot builders in mainnet, block builder sorts txs and bundles by effective gas and mev gas price and adds in to the block. Both for ALGO_MEV_GETH and ALGO_GREEDY algo type (I know about some differences between these algo types, but they both in general sort txs and bundles). Finally, txs and bundles are sorted in block by effective gas price.

But in the docs you have these:

  • Instead of ranking and including bundles based off of effective gas price the algorithm now optimizes for overall block profit.
  • Top-of-block execution is no longer a guarantee.
  • Bundle ordering by effective gas price is no longer a guarantee.

I see a contradiction here here. Why docs tells that Top-of-block execution and Bundle ordering are is no longer a guarantee? I will glad to get answer to my question, thanks guys!