MEVM, SUAVE Centauri, and Beyond

In a recent post we previewed the SUAVE Centauri release defined in the November 2022 roadmap in the Future of MEV. We introduced the MEVM, a powerful modification of the EVM with new precompiles for MEV use cases, and the architecture of the initial release of SUAVE. Further, we detailed how the MEVM allows for the development of new applications that cannot be built on Ethereum today - in particular the transformation of centralized MEV applications into smart contracts on a decentralized blockchain.

Please read the full post and share your thoughts, questions, and comments below :).


Good stuff. This will really unlock exploration of the design space of MEV infrastructure.

I have a question about this section:

Applications that require access to fresh off-chain data, e.g., trading strategies conditional on centralized exchange prices or transactions that are conditional on other transactions

How can this be baked into a precompile in a way that’s competitive with existing searchers / builders? Their views are heavily influenced by latency, available liquidity across many venues, etc. And of course, one large part of these trades involves sophisticated centralized exchange operations (trading, inventory management, etc.).

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The idea would be to give searchers the ability to either condition their bundles on CEX prices that get checked at the time of block building or to actually be able to construct transactions leveraging CEX prices at the time of block building. That is ideal from a latency perspective, although understood that it doesn’t obviate the CEX operational needs.

looking forward to an upcoming release of SUAVE.

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