MEV research on Optimism Bedrock upgrade

Hello everyone,

although there are a few research papers on MEV on L2s (here and here), I couldn’t find any research on the MEV impact of latest Optimism upgrade, where the FCFS sequencer was replaced by a gas fee market with base/priority fees (EIP-1559) and a private mempool (OP Docs).

To close this gap, I wanted to open a new FRP to analyze and quantify MEV on networks using the upgraded OP Stack (Optimism, Base). In case I’m missing something here, I first wanted to hear your thoughts whether this kind of research is interesting for the community.

Your feedback is very much appreciated!

Thanks for pointing out this gap in research! I agree that it would be valuable to explore, and I hope you will pursue it.

However, since the research you are proposing is specific to Optimism rather than of broader focus, it is better suited to Optimism rather than Flashbots funding. Optimism would also have more internal expertise to share and direct the project given their knowledge of Bedrock. Here is what I found for OP ecosystem grants: Get a Grant | Optimism Docs.

We are also slowing down FRP acceptances for the moment (with case-by-case exceptions for proposals that directly support our current research goals) since we have 13 active FRPs to support currently and have limited time among our Research and Data mates to collaborate on these projects.