MEV Relayer Dashboard and Public Raw Data

MEV Relayer Dashboard

To collect the data, I’ve put together a simple monitor that queries the /data API of each relayer and pushes the resulting blocks data to Google BigQuery. You can query the datastream directly and build your own views and dashboards.

The relayer datastream can be joined with the public Ethereum BigQuery dataset for deeper analytics on block content.

Here’s an example query (see Details tab).

The monitor is also open source and I’ve provided instructions on how you can run your own.


If you’re using the public data, please let me know so that I can work with you to make sure the data streaming is uninterrupted.

Hey @codyborn ! Thanks for this, it seems like it’s not pulling data anymore since Oct 3. Are you planning on maintaining this resource? If not, I’d take it down from :slight_smile: