(MEV geth) Questions about miner whitelist

Hi Flashbots team! I am currently working on modeling PBS economies, and using the MEV data offered by mev-inpsect-py (thanks to Flashbots team). But we have some questions regarding the mev-inspect-py data. Would it be possible to get answers from anyone or the team? It would be very much grateful if anyone could reply :slight_smile:

  1. (MEV geth) Are there any delisting criteria from the miner whitelist?
  2. (MEV geth) If a malicious miner steals a flashbots bundle, can Flashbots relay detect the behavior and blacklist the miner? For example, when a miner sees an arbitrage transaction from Flashbots bundle, the miner can steal the victim transaction by replacing the β€œFrom” address with his another address and making a slight difference(e.g. swap amount) to the transaction .

Hello @Seongwan!

Thanks for coming. I would love to see your data analysis, even if it’s work in progress. Anything you want to share will be well received.

We call these allow and deny lists. It matters what stories make worlds, this is important for me :slight_smile:

To answer your questions:

Yes, any miner that misbehaves has to be removed from the allow list.

And yes, the relay can compare the bundles it sends to the miners with the blocks that land on-chain, and identify misbehavior.

There are some challenges in this relation and monitoring, which we are taking into account for the redesign.

With less than a month to go for the merge, the particulars for proof of work are less important. With mev-boost and proof of stake the role of minners is now clearly split between block proposers and block builders, and the proposer side is permissionless.

Is this useful for your work?

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Thanks @chayoterabit ! - your answer was helpful in better understanding MEV-geth :grinning:

Actually I was still figuring out where to focus on (mev-boost vs in-protocol PBS seems a bit confusing at this point in time), but I will definitely share any of our works if we see some meaningful progress. Let me continue thinking about for a few more days :sweat_smile:

By the way, in mev-boost, AFAIK the Flashbots relay exists between validators and builders. I wonder if there will be no relay between searchers and builders. Also will be MEV-geth be depreciated after the Merge?

Thank you in advance.

I saw another post here (How will sending bundles change in PoS Ethereum?) answering my question :+1:t2:

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