MEV-Boost Builder Bids Archive

I’m excited to announce the release of our MEV-Boost Bids Archive!


  • All builder bids across all MEV-Boost relays
  • Data freely available under the CC-0 license
  • Uploaded nightly (at UTC 2am)
  • Data since 2024-06-03

Two files per day:

  • All bids (about 10M entries per day)
  • Top bids only (~1M entries per day)

The data is collected via three methods:

  • GetHeader polling
  • Data API polling
  • Ultrasound websocket stream

These are the collected fields:

Big thanks to @sui414 @sukoneck @Fred @facuzeta and many more for their help and support!

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is there parquet support? The bidarchive link looks like it only shows

There is no Parquet support right now, and also not really planned.

We would definitely consider merging a PR if someone would create one.

For reference

  • relayscan bidarchive produces the final CSV in this bash script:
    • The way to go about adding Parquet support would probably be a standalone Golang tool/command to convert the CSV into Parquet.
  • see also the mempool dumpster Parquet support here: [1], [2]