Merge Livestreams and Events

Merge Happenings:

  • Nethermind 24h Live Merge Coverage - Youtube ‘election-style’ commentary on emerging Merge data, reflections on the past years Merge journey, and predictions for how things will change will be discussed.
  • EthStaker Mainnet Merge Livestream - Join Bankless, The Daily Gwei, and EthStaker along with notable guests and the wider Ethereum community as we celebrate the Ethereum network transition from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake.

@mates who would like to participate on the merge events? It would be nice to be present, tell our story, answer questions, celebrate with others.

A bunch of folks involved in infrastructure/our products will be in a meeting during the actual merge itself to coordinate the changes we need to make during the merge. We’ll probably be tied up until the 16 epoch waiting period. Perhaps I can jump on something if all is going well though.

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