Introductions 👋

Hey, my name is Vishwa (hrojantorse on twitter). I am a MEV LARP and buildoor/researchoor.

Had the opportunity to spend time with @dmarz @Quintus @Tina and others at the UNISUAVE researchathon during Devconnect Istanbul.

Have been ideating, experimenting and hacking with a solver/compiler that brings intent execution to users as default for all DEFI. The protocol design aims to allow dapps built on top of it to inherit sophisticated execution from a network of solvers.

We see SUAVE as a key piece of infra to replace the role of the auctioneer AND also view TEEs as a unique opportunity to host and execute solver logic.

Excited to share ideas and prototypes as we ramp up experimentation in-house.


Hi. I’m Norman Hirsch. I joined this forum to try to seek help how to use flashbots on metamask to transfer my ENS domains to another ETH address. I’m like an old dog trying to learn a new trick.


Hey all, I’m Sandman(@sandman2797 on Twitter). I have been a cross-chain maxi since past 2 years. I am researching in the intents space looking to solve the cross-chain UX once and for all. Are we really gonna let Solana manlets walk all over us? I’m not! Chain abstraction is one of the biggest problems right now.

  • Which parts of the MEV landscape are you interested in?

Auctions. Trustless auctions particularly. I was naive to think UniswapX solves everything. But it’s just a right step forward.

  • Are you involved in any initiatives or projects working on MEV?

Not right now. Would love to be involved in research if anyone wants to take me in. My post on UniswapX here.

  • What is your experience with the Flashbots products and research?

Have read quite a lot of the research put out by @Quintus and other Flashbots researchers.

  • What is your favorite robot?


I’m quite excited about SUAVE. Potentially looking to build my own SUAPP.

PS: I admire Solana as well. Competition brings out the best, doesn’t it?


:wave: Hi ya’ll

My name is Clayton and I’m interested in the Ethereum supply chain generally. Then more specifically I’m interested in MEV associated with liquidations (oracle extractable value), as well as how intents-based protocols will impact the MEV landscape.

I’m on the Risk Labs team with UMA protocol + Across.

Favorite robot: Cheesoid


I’m Sundowner. Interested in searching, but maybe want to get into building as I get better at code. I like the idea of the EVM in general, and I love studying it’s bits and bobs.

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Hello, I’m Itzamna! Here is my twitter profile: @Itzamna00199952

I’ve been researching flashloans for awhile now, but could never perform one. I’m interested in an automatic arbitrage bot that uses flashloans. I’m intreguied by this EVM technology and want to learn as much about it as im able to comprehend. Feel free to message me and lets chat about EVM!

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Hey all!

My name is Jinsuk! I’m primarily interested in L2 PBS and composable block building. As an ex-AI scientist before I converted to blockchain, I’m also interested in bringing AI to MEV.

Twitter: @totorovirus

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