getBundleStats has new POS related fields!

We are updating the flashbots_getBundleStats JSON-RPC method to include two new fields that are relevant in POS:

  • consideredByBuildersAt contains timestamps indicating when a builder considered the bundle for the target block
  • sealedByBuildersAt contains timestamps indicating when a builder built a full block containing the bundle

Up until the v2 RPC release, we will include the new v2 fields with the v1 response. Outdated clients will still work, but only updated clients will be able to readily access the new data. Flashbots client releases will coincide with mainnet RPC upgrade schedules.

This change has been deployed on Goerli and Sepolia testnets. We invite searchers to test and provide their feedback. Flashbots plans to deploy these changes into production next week.

Documentation: Bundle stats v2 (interlude) by zeroXbrock · Pull Request #319 · flashbots/flashbots-docs · GitHub