Frontrunning protection over eth_sendPrivateTransaction

Hi everyone, I’m a novice user and looking for some usage clarification. In order to integrate frontrunning protection I’ve sent a couple of transactions to using eth_sendPrivateTransaction method (with opted builders:["default"]) and got hashes in response. However, they did not applied on-chain and were expired and dropped. My first question here, Is there rpc call “works” on goerli as expected or I have missed something?

My second question here, I mean, I need some clarification, can I use eth_sendPrivateTransaction method for broadcasting from an application, or should I do it in more sophisticated way using bundles?

Hi! Could you send me some transaction hashes? I can check to see if anything went wrong on our side.

On your second question: you should be fine with eth_sendPrivateTransaction.

I will try to do another one and let you know, 0x1d6b2d70a1422e30cfbfd9375f268842f45ffba9 is an auth signature addr which was associated with those transactions.

UPD: my recent tx 0x601a4fbd1189a492c8aa0f4f4ddf9bac207b0fa2b06e7da6611165829cea32f6 was accepted!

Ok cool, I pinged internally for folks to take a look. Goerli can be a bit unreliable because only a small number of validators are running mev-boost and other builders submit too

oh nice!

Many thanks to you for quick turn.

We don’t have high inclusion rate on the goerli testnet. Here is an address of our builder if you see tx there it means that we created a block. You can try increasing tx fees significantly so that our builder wins a block with your tx.