Flashbots Protect Website

Flashbots Protect has a new website! Excited to share https://protect.flashbots.net/

What is it?

Protect is a safer way to transact on Ethereum. It protects you from frontrunning and helps you earn refunds. Now, it’s even easier to use!

How do I use it?

Just choose your settings and add Protect to your wallet. If you’re new, fast mode is an easy way to get started. You can always update or customize your settings at any point.

Does this work with my wallet?

Many wallets have native support for Flashbots, and you can often add it manually if not. Here’s a guide for Rainbow, Family, OKX, IMToken, Metamask and more:

Where can I find the status API docs?

The docs for the private transaction status API have been migrated to Flashbots Protect API.

Any questions?

Join us in the Flashbots discord!

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