Flashbots Protect Explorer

What do?

Introducing the Protect Explorer! A dashboard designed to illuminate the savings Protect users are enjoying. Flashbots Protect is the original MEV blocker for Ethereum transactions with MEV refunds and transaction revert protection. With the Protect Explorer, users and projects can quantify how much they have saved with Flashbots Protect.

The Protect Explorer features:

  • Protect savings calculator: Enter an address or ENS and check how much Protect savings you could have saved on historical transactions.

  • Protect metrics: Track the most recent and top Protect transactions.

  • Protect leaderboard: Track the top projects that are using Protect.

Join the Protectoors

If you are a project that wants to use Flashbots Protect or are using Flashbots Protect and want to join the leaderboard, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Protect team.

For more details on Flashbots Protect, check out our updated docs.