Flashbots ETHGlobal Istanbul Hackathon

EthGlobal: Merging Blobs, Submitting Intents, and Reducing LVR :tada::rocket:

A couple groups of hackers got together at the ETHGlobal hackathon in Istanbul and showcased the potential of SUAVE through innovative projects like blob merging, a new AMM design, a Top of Block auction, and an Intent-solver PoC. These projects demonstrate the exciting possibilities of MEV applications on SUAVE, read on to learn more. As well stay tuned for more opportunities to hack on SUAVE :wink:

:trophy::tada: Amazing Projects on SUAVE at ETHGlobal Istanbul! :globe_with_meridians::fire:

:cloud::twisted_rightwards_arrows: First Up: Blob Merging

  • Details: Merging 4844 blobs into a single blob to amortize costs.
  • Submission Info: View Submission
  • :tada:Prizes: Best Use of SUAVE - 1st Place

:star2: SUClave: LVR Reduction Experimentation

  • Details: Utilizes Intents (SUAVE) & Uniswap V4 to address the LVR by creating a Proof-Of-Concept Top of Block auction which can direct larger fees to LPs. In addition implemented EIP-7212 to enable cost-efficient P256 verification.
  • Submission Info: View Submission
  • :tada:Prizes: Best UniSUAVE LVR Design and PoC - 1st Place, Best Use of SUAVE - 3rd Place

:warning::no_entry_sign: Toxic Fl-no: LVR Mitigation

  • Details: Uses @axiom_xyz proofs within a Suave contract to adjust Uniswap V4 pool fees.
  • Submission Info: View Submission
  • :tada:Prizes: Best UniSUAVE LVR Design and PoC - 3rd Place

:space_invader: PEPC-Rep: A New Character in PEPC Universe

  • Details: Prototyping a Top of Block auction on SUAVE with PEPC commitments.
  • Submission Info: View Submission
  • :tada:Prizes: Best UniSUAVE LVR Design and PoC - 2nd Place

:jigsaw: UniSUAVE Intents: Intent-Solver PoC

  • Details: Users submit swap intents, solvers receive hints and submit solutions, ensuring sensitive data is stored securely.
  • Submission Info: View Submission
  • :tada:Prizes: Best Intent UniSUAVE Design and PoC, Best Use of SUAVE - 2nd Place

:sunny: Bright Future for MEV Applications on SUAVE
We’re thrilled by the innovative ideas and projects showcased at the ETHGlobal Hackathon in Istanbul. The potential for MEV applications on SUAVE is vast and exciting. Stay tuned for more updates, and reach out if you’re interested in developing on SUAVE! :sunny::rocket:

Check out a tweet thread of winners for even more information!