Flashbots at Devconnect Istanbul

Devconnect in Istanbul marked one of the final major events of the year. Flashbots mates and collaborators joined together in Istanbul for a week of talks, workshops, and hacking. The excitement and energy around SUAVE at our researchathon and hackathon, in collaboration with the Uniswap Foundation, was a highlight of the week. Explore all the presentations and talks delivered by the Flashbots team below, as well as the winners from the hackathon and more!

:memo: This document will continuously be updated over the next weeks as additional recordings are uploaded.

Friday, Nov 10

Sunday, Nov 12

Monday, Nov 13

Tuesday, Nov 14

Wednesday, Nov 15

Thursday, Nov 16

Friday, Nov 17

Saturday, Nov 18

  • @Tina and @timbeiko organized censorship.wtf to explore censorship resistance across the Ethereum stack and beyond, with speakers presenting from both Istanbul and Prague. (Slides)

Sunday, Nov 19

As always, you can find all upcoming talks and events in the Flashbots Collective calendar.
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