Eth_callbundle - Goerli problem since 2 days

Hi everyone,

I am testing some stuff with flashbots on the Goerli testnet. I have been doing that for several months without any problem.

For some reasons now, i cannot call eth_callbundle anymore on the testnet Goerli. It triggers an error and stop me from any further test i need to do since yesterday.

Here is the response body i get now when calling this method → {“id”:10,“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“error”:{“code”:-32000,“message”:“err: %!w(\u003cnil\u003e); txhash 0x952e025cdc76e8b39fdeb087fdbbd35e83d6fe16e0356f0351d1ba04e998d689”}}

BTW the eth_sendbundle method is working fine.

On the mainnet the eth_callbundle method is working like a charm, so i assume it comes from goerli only.

Do you have an idea why this problem appeared yesterday ? Do you have any solution about it ? Thank you very much for your help and have a great day.

Best regards,

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hi @Daddy, does this still persist?

Hi @0x416e746f6e

I just tried once again and YES the problem is still here :frowning:

Do you also have the same problem?

no, I am with FB. looking into this issue. is there a way we could move into DM? telegram, discord, whatever

Sure, are you on the FB discord?

yep, same username

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Hi, I have the same problem on goerli chain.
code: -32000
message:err: %!w(); txhash 0xc76b51dbfc30ac1ce8604b5b246bba1080979b34a41185ab6d78039555b17186
Is there a solution now?

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Same problem here using js, goerli and simulate.
“error”: {
“message”: “err: %!w(); txhash 0x17475c1fd3b480be7411772359d0fab0b37d05611c0b281314ae55413d367598”,
“code”: -32000