Error when trying to start the housekeeper within the Relay

I need to deploy the flahbots Relay on my local environment.
I followed the flashbots Relay Readme file and tried the following command to start the housekeeper of the Relay. $> go run . housekeeper --network sepolia --db postgres://postgres:postgres@localhost:5432/postgres:sslmode=disable. However, this gives an error as follows - FATA[2023-12-11T11:28:36Z] Failed to connect to Postgres database at localhost:5432/postgres:sslmode=disable error=“pq: SSL is not enabled on the server” service=relay/housekeeper version=dev. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

what’s all the steps you run?

is postgres running and you can connect to it?

Thanks for asking. I could fix the connection to postgres using the following command - used “backslash and ?” instead of “:”
go run . housekeeper --network sepolia --db postgres://postgres:postgres@localhost:5432/postgres?sslmode=disable

Now I am getting "error=“beacon node is syncing or unavailable” . I am trying to setup a synced beacon node. Thanks.

Thanks, I could get the housekeeper running successfully.

Hey @Kosala! Glad to hear you got the housekeeper up and running in the end.

I am from Kurtosis and wanted to let you know that we have something called the etheruem-package which will bring up a private ethereum devnet with mev-boost, the relayer, housekeeper, etc in a single line over Docker or Kubernetes. This is being used for teams testing PBS workflows locally - thought this might be useful to you!

Here’s a handy guide I wrote if you are interested: How to launch a private Ethereum testnet with Flashbot's MEV Boost implementation of Proposer Builder Separation (PBS) | Kurtosis Docs