[draft] Sensuous nature 🌱⚡

An aesthetic shift for capital liberation and reconnection with the more than human.

This is an embodied relation. By using all our senses in an aesthetic reconnection back with nature, we remember our commitments. To care for the land and to let the land take care of us. We are a thread in the web of life, we weave together spaces for life to thrive.

When you become part of one of these situations, your guide will create a hypercert NFT, a digital badge for you. You can tell your story, and become a steward, inviting others to join you. You can offer your hypercert to provide direct funding for your guide, and to explore other relations.

Guides, not foundations

A human that is in close relation with the spirits of their land. They invite you to join. They will curate an embodied relation, teach you, and protect you. See the examples bellow.

You pay the guide for their time and their knowledge. They give you the opportunity to further support this work by giving you a Hypercert. They get half of the profits of the transfer of this digital badge. They commit to redistribute this money to support the human and more-than-human communities that make this situation possible, and to keep inviting others.

Stewards, not evaluators

You jump into the unknown. Find a relation that calls you, that will challenge you and open new ways of being.

You receive stories, nourishment, and adventure from the guide, the local community and their land. You receive a Hypercert, a digital badge that tells you have weaved together with them in an emergent pattern of live. You have become a steward of this Hypercert.

You can tell this story with images, sounds and text, and attach them to the Hypercert. You can use a burner alias :wink:

You can choose to offer your Hypercert during the monthly auction. Half of the profit will go to support this relation, and the other half to support a new one that calls you. See more on the circle bellow.

Gifters, not owners

A human that pays for a Hypercert offered during the monthly auction. This money is retroactive funding for the work of healing the land and our relation to it.

  • 45% will be a direct gift to the guide who created the Hypercert, who holds the commitment to redistribute it and support the human and non-human communities that make their relation possible.
  • 45% will go to the steward who offered the Hypercert, who will then use it as a direct gift for the guide of a different relation during the following auction. Maybe one that they won’t be able to experience directly, so they get to embody it through the stories of other stewards.
  • 10% will go to the platform, mostly to cover storage fees, the organization of the monthly auction festival, and to research qualitative relations for reconnection.

The circle

On every new moon we open the circle and celebrate with music and stories.

The guides share their knowledge. The stewards have the opportunity to offer their Hypercert during the festival. The gifters choose the guide they want to retroactively support.

We hold an auction to multiply the gifts.


Guided relations that invite us to reconnect, heal our relations, and live in reciprocity.

Do you know any other guides that would like to co-create this draft?

Why is this relevant for Flashbots?

We model the negative externalities of blockchains and name them MEV. We add points of observability to account for this previously invisible value. We design protocols to decentralize and invite others. We gather for collective sense-making. We experiment with ways to redistribute the accounted value.

We do this because we know it is the accumulation of power what produced this violent capitalistic modernity.

All of our work is still built on extractive technologies that are the direct product of white-body supremacy and colonialism. After the fair redistribution of all the externalities that we can account for within a blockchain, what remains are the historical externalities of slavery and anthropocentrism.

These powerful forces will capture over and over again our decentralization games, making us replicate the same hierarchical structures, making us repeat ourselves. So we use part of the MEV we accumulate to experiment with solarpunk games. To be better informed, to craft collective responses of care, and to dance together around a fire where we can burn what’s not letting us grow. In this solarpunk experiment we put our heads to the ground to listen to her, and remember that there are other ways of being. Later, these communities will be relevant to any decentralization protocols we design.

Because hugging a tree is a more appropriate response to our current metacrisis.

This is not new, this is a remix. New-old-emergent. :sunny: :robot: