Data transparency mocks

I feel very uncomfortable making mocks for graphs, so let’s take this as a rough way to bootstrap the brainstorming for what we want and need to see in the data transparency dashboards.

I’ve been playing with excalidraw:

If there’s a piece of data that you need for your operation, or some information that you would like to visualize, please describe it here.

Data Requests:

  • Number of empty slots (without block) would be important (to spot issues)
  • percentage of slots filled through our relay - that’s super easy to get from our boost relay db
  • most dominant builder → check winning slots per builder pubkey (easy with the boost relay db) / Validator count for given pubkey
  • would be cool to see % breakdown of blocks if possible. Like:
    30% bundles
    20% private orderflow
    50% mempool

Going to be very interesting to see the data visualized post-merge with the new roles in the supply chain & thousands of unique block proposers.

If possible add Searchers and Relayers(?) to the profit-breakdown of each block. Like:

  • 1% to Searchers
  • 4% to the Builder
  • 0% to the Relay
  • 95% to the Proposer

It would be cool to have a breakdown of each block over time as well, like:

  • 30% bundles
  • 20% private orderflow
  • 50% public orderflow

(Is it possible to differentiate beween private and public orderflow?)

Maybe even a breakdown by strategy?
Kind of neat how Ethereum MEV data differentiates between arbitrage, liquidations, sandwiches and other.

EDIT: Oh, @kailin front-ran me on the block breakdown.