Crucible Hackathon: Narwhal Exploration

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    • 鈥淲e design and evaluate a mempool protocol, Narwhal, specializing in high-throughput, reliable dissemination and storage of causal histories of transactions. Narwhal tolerates an asynchronous network and maintains high performance despite failures. Narwhal is designed to easily scale-out using multiple workers at each validator, and we demonstrate that there is no foreseeable limit to the throughput we can achieve鈥 To make a robust Mempool we design Narwhal, a DAG-based, structured Mempool which implements causal order reliable broadcast of transaction blocks, exploiting the available resources of validators in full. Combining the Narwhal Mempool with HotStuff (Narwhal-HS) provides good throughput even under faults or unstable network conditions (but at an inevitable higher latency). To reduce latency under faults and asynchrony, we can extend Narwhal with a random coin to provide asynchronous consensus, which we call Tusk. Tusk is a fully asynchronous, wait-free consensus where each party decides the agreed values by examining its local DAG without sending any additional messages.鈥 - from the Mysten Labs paper that introduces Narwhal
    • Goal: Run Mysten Labs鈥 Narwhal implementation of a DAG-based mempool locally with multiple primaries and multiple workers per primary and then add that into Reth.

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    • I was able to get 2 Primary Nodes and 2 Work nodes running
    2024-06-14T20:19:02.483201Z DEBUG narwhal_primary::state_handler: state handler: received 4 sequenced certificates at round 1754
    • The primaries are able to progress DAG rounds amongst each other with no transactions in any rounds
    • The workers are able to talk to each other
    • The workers ARE NOT able to send transactions to each other
    • There is a script to send a transaction to the worker sui/examples2/src/ at main 路 dmarzzz/sui 路 GitHub

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  • Any other information:
    • I will eventually try to run this again once I can chat with Mysten Labs team and figure out which release works properly
    • Huge S/O to @halo3mic and @ferranbt for the Rust help