Concerns with SUAVE's effect on Ethereum security and total value extracted

Am curious to get some of the SUAVE teams thoughts on these two tweets:

Three of my concerns with SUAVE are:

  1. Value accrual will move upstream since SUAVE block builders are the point of entry and reduce Ethereum security
  2. Validators are expensive to run and you probably need an expectation of profit (or breakeven) to have security which would add additional costs on the “MEV supply chain”
  3. Depending on how consensus works, it won’t actually resolve censorship concerns past some notion of “plausible deniability” since bids can be encrypted before inclusion (but my guess is this can be circumvented by an off-chain mechanism)

My guess is I’m probably wrong to have most if not all of these concerns, but wasn’t getting any answers on twitter, so wanted to bring the conversation here.

Hey! Just bumping this post in case anyone had any thoughts

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thanks ! Responded to your response here

I am also under the impression that SUAVE will serve as the intermediary for every Ethereum block at some point in the future (maybe this was wrong but would be helpful to hear otherwise in case that isn’t actually the plan)