Capella: Recommended Upgrades for Block Builders

For the Capella upgrade scheduled on April 12, 2023, 10:27:35pm UTC and epoch 194048, all block builders will need upgrade their builder and CL infrastructure.

We recommend the latest version v1.11.5-0.2.1 for the builder which supports block building via SSE subscriptions from the CL.

For the CL clients, we recommend:

  1. Prysm v4.0.0+
  2. Lighthouse v4.0.1+ (with flags --always-prepare-payload and --prepare-payload-lookahead 12000 and --disable-proposer-reorgs as well as a junk feeRecipient)
    or a CL client with SSE support for payload_attributes.

If sync-proxy is used to drive sync and block building for EL clients, we recommend the latest v0.2.1 release. This version can be used with CL clients with SSE support.

For details on the recommended setup, please take a look at the MEV Boost Capella Upgrades docs, under the Block Builders section.

Non SSE block building setup (fallback)

If not using SSE events to trigger block building, we have a fallback to build blocks using our custom block building trigger in Prysm. The recommended setup is using:

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