Burning ether: towards ecosystemic accountability, maybe?

I want us to situate ourselves, looking at the world we inherited from our ancestors. Next, to look at the system we are building. To open up a dreamt future that is healing for all beings.

This is a wiki, friends. Go ahead and touch it.

0. Prehistory

Little is know of the epoch before ours. We have recovered a lot of data bits, but they are not readable any more.

People lived a brief, intense, and disorienting period of complete reliance on digital technologies, with rapidly changing and incompatible languages, crafted in an overly complex, opaque way, with no stories to pass knowledge forward. They quickly forgot most of the human wisdom slowly cultivated for millennia. What we have been able to decipher are short, contradictory statements with no context, but with a lot of self-assurance, that they used to call “twits” or “Xs” :person_shrugging:, and untruths that they used to call “marketing”, “politics”, and “democracy”.

What we know is the state of the world that was left to us:

1. Block zero

  • Ethereum’s issuance at origin

2. What we burn

  • Ethereum’s issuance after the merge
  • ether burning after EIP 1559
  • Ultrasound money: issuance and burn at equilibrium
  • Proposals to burn MEV

3. Solar punky dreamscape

  • Fire ceremony, maybe?