I use flashbotsProvider.sendRawBundle to submit 100 times in a loop, but it always returns BlockPassedWithoutInclusion. What should I do?

Most likely due to the bribe value being too low.

I manually tested it directly with 500gwei, but it also failed

Hi, can you please advise, can I use high priority fee for this, or bribe should be sent explicitly in a bundle?

Hi, do you manage to solve issue?

You can use coinbase fee to directly send the bribe, or you can add the bribe in your gas properties.


const gasLimit = // Could be fetched from a tx simulation, bundle simulation or just be a constant
const baseFee = // What ever method you use to get the base fee, I recommend the blocknative gas estimator

const bribe = '0.05' // Would recommend using my API: (Range is the number of blocks to look back (max 1000), max is the max bribe value to look for)
const bribeInGwei = Math.round(bribe / gasLimit * 1e18)

const maxFeePerGas = bribeInGwei + baseFee
const maxPriorityFeePerGas = bribeInGwei

tx.gasLimit = gasLimit
tx.maxFeePerGas = maxFeePerGas
tx.maxPriorityFeePerGas = maxPriorityFeePerGas

Note: highly recommend using mev_sendBundle instead of sendRawBundle.