Arena X, a multi-chain MEV application

Hi everyone, created a simple SUAPP for SUAVE. Introducing Arena X, an MEV application that takes orders from users on any chain that supports Uniswap’s Universal Router. I shared the project here for those of you who are interested in learning more.


  1. Supports intents from multiple chains
  2. Intents can encompass any combination of token swaps / transfers / wraps / etc. since the Order format is based on Uniswap’s Universal Router

Still a lot of work to do on this (building profitable blocks based on multiple bids, chain ids, etc.), but we gotta start somewhere!

Reach out if you want to learn more / collaborate.



This is awesome @mehran! One question for you. In _rankSolution you use egp to rank solutions, why is that? What would the other ways to rank solutions be?

Ranking via egp was just a simple way rank the solution. For this version of Arena X, I was more focused on making it work with Uniswap’s Universal Router. From my understanding, the higher the egp, the better the chances of this landing on chain.

Currently scoping out the next version and some ideas I have for the _rankSolution fn:

  1. create the most profitable block per chain with multiple orders
  2. see if there are incentives for searchers that can play a role in the ranking process