About the Block Builders category

Block builders construct blocks from transaction order flow and are trusted by searchers and users for fair transaction inclusion.

:page_facing_up: Documentation: docs.flashbots.net/flashbots-mev-boost/block-builders
:star: Builder repo: github.com/flashbots/builder
:zap: MEV-Boost in a Nutshell: boost.flashbots.net
:building_construction: Builder API: ethereum.github.io/builder-specs

:control_knobs: Transparency Dashboard: transparency.flashbots.net
:bar_chart: MEV-Boost Analytics: relayscan.io
:chart_with_upwards_trend: Flashbots Boost Relay metrics: boost-relay.flashbots.net
:signal_strength: MEV Explore: explore.flashbots.net

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