[2023] Uniswap Daily Transaction Indices by Network

Abstract: DeFi is transforming financial services by removing intermediaries and producing a wealth of open-source data. This transformation is propelled by Layer 2 (L2) solutions, aimed at boosting network efficiency and scalability beyond current Layer 1 (L1) capabilities. This study addresses the lack of detailed L2 impact analysis by examining over 50 million transactions from Uniswap. Our dataset, featuring transactions from L1 and L2 across networks like Ethereum and Polygon, provides daily indices revealing adoption, scalability, and decentralization within the DeFi space. These indices help to elucidate the complex relationship between DeFi and L2 technologies, advancing our understanding of the ecosystem. The dataset is enhanced by an open-source Python framework for computing decentralization indices, adaptable for various research needs. This positions the dataset as a vital resource for machine learning endeavors, particularly deep learning, contributing significantly to the development of Blockchain as Web3’s infrastructure.

      title={Uniswap Daily Transaction Indices by Network}, 
      author={Nir Chemaya and Lin William Cong and Emma Jorgensen and Dingyue Liu and Luyao Zhang},