20% of total blocks is not enough! - Mempool as alternative?

I used to be a flashbots only kind of guy. No mempool submits for arbs, just FB bundles.

However, the number of FB built blocks seems too low in the current situation. Initial research shows 20%, although more info on this would be greatly appreciated.

My question to all the arb-ers/sandwichers is what do you guys do? Is submitting public, non-private transactions through the mempool the only main option we have?

I know the number of validators using FB should increase, but losing 3-4x potential profits while waiting for this to happen seems counter-productive!

Any suggestions/ideas are greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


How is the fact that “only” 20% of total blocks being built by FB an issue? It does not mean that you have 20% of your bundle being passed. So I do not see how you lose “3-4x potential profits”.
Maybe there is not enough bundles/txs sent to the FB builder for it to build more blocks.
Also, could you add a source for the 20%?

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Please keep in mind the merge was just a week ago! We should be expecting much higher adoption in the following weeks as node operators get confidence in ours and their own post-merge infrastructure.