Which relays should we send our blocks to?

To help bootstrap the market we would like to submit our (Flashbots) builder’s blocks to other relays. However, this would mean sharing searchers and users’ transactions with a third party before they are including on-chain. How should we think about which parties we should trust?


First, they have to meet the points collected in: What makes a relay trust-worthy?

Second, they have to publish a clear and comprehensive data policy like ours: Data Privacy Notice | Flashbots Docs

Then, I liked what Lido did on their call for relay providers asking the operators to introduce themselves and explain how they plan to contribute.

With that information I think the product team at Flashbots can make a decision of which relays can support our projects, starting with one or two to experiment slowly and check the effects.

Who are the relays interested in receiving our blocks?

My advise is to look for relays that do not have internal builders that are running their MEV bot. These relays will be accepted by other searchers

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