Open more categories for our main topics: proposer/builder separation, cross-domain MEV, and orderflow auctions

I want to open three more categories:

  • proposer/builder separation
  • cross-domain MEV
  • orderflow auctions

That’s where I like our researchers and developers to collaborate with the ones from the community. Much like we did for mev-boost in the github repository, but for topics that are bigger than a single repository and a single project.

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We have been discussing this internally today - I think it would be good to have a general research category first. If we see a lot of uptake and discussion in this category, then we can go ahead with splitting it up further as you have suggested.

My concern with splitting it immediately would be that we are not publishing formal research very frequently right now, so it might be better to concentrate activity in one place. We already have a lot of places for discussing partial ideas and speculation (like github etc), but I imagined this as more for feedback and conversation on research pieces we have published (like the FCFS post).


Sounds good. We can use tags inside this category, and see how that works.

@jolene please fill the category description in here:

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