Is it hard to give away money?

Thanks for sharing @sergio @Christoph and @socrates1024. This topic fascinates me.

I hear it gets hard with optimization problems, like who needs it the most, and when the amount is big, and how to align your expectations with the other.

I’ve been questioning if money is the right technology for gifts. Just as a thought experiment, because currently we need to use money to rebalance. I think this is related to what @Christoph points out about whose money is it.

There are a lot of related threads that we can open when we talk about food. This is very personal because now I see so clearly that I am what I eat, so I observe a lot my food and her story. Food has no owner, it’s the gift of the great spirit. In the post capitalist philanthropy webinar Rupa Marya says that food must not be sold, food is to be shared: [2023] Post capitalist philantorpy webinar - #5 by chayoterabit

Play with me.

How does it feel different when you give a cake as a gift, instead of the 10$ that it costs? How does it feel different to give $100 to somebody who will use the money to buy food, instead of any other purpose? How does it feel different to give $10000 to somebody who we expect will multiply them and end up with many people having enough money to feed themselves?

Would we design our systems in a whole different way if everybody who participates in them received the gift of beautiful food?

@socrates1024 please share more about the book once you are done, I would like to read that.