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Identity is important for universal basic income, and for voting on allocation of funds for public goods.

General introduction:

Currently, I’m testing these projects with different approaches to identity:

The experience has been painful, with confusing workflows, usability and functionality issues between my wallet and the app. :person_shrugging:

One very promising research for identity is soulbound tokens.

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The topic of carbon credits is very challenging for me. I sometimes see it as purchasing the rights to keep being shitty human beings. I’m clearly not in a right place to do proper curation of these projects :slight_smile: Is there somebody else interested in this topic?

These are the projects I’ve been reading about:

This is a project I like, from friends I like.

With them I research about passive and active regeneration, human intervention or human banishment.

tldr; I think we are a mess with no solution. We should leave most of the earth alone so it can regenerate itself, while we inhabit small areas experimenting on solar punk interspecies relations.

hello friend! i think it would be good to index your links & categorize them for easier discovery? wdyt?

I agree. But not yet, I haven’t even discovered the categories. Once I have explored a little more I will come back and edit the first post.

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