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Very cool. I’m a fan of Dune, as you know.

Super cool, will be interesting to follow and see how the metrics evolve post merge.

One note about dune data and MEV-inspect in particular is that that MEV-inspect is erroneously labeling routing addresses as MEV arbitrage addresses. This error is being passed through to the dune flashbots dataset. I’ve talked with Dune people and they confirmed that they are simply reading data that comes from MEV–inspect so the issue comes from the data source itself.

For example looking at this query:

A quick search shows that the address 0xd9e1cE17f2641f24aE83637ab66a2cca9C378B9F, which is the sushiswap router address, is being labeled as an MEV arbitrageur address.

What is also interesting is that there are quite a few other addresses that have negative PnL and over thousands of arb trades (sushiswap router was an example with negative PnL and tons of trades). Cyclic atomic arbitrage addresses should not be trading at losses because they know deterministically when a profit is to be made and would not execute otherwise.

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Exploring the impact of MEV relays:

Dashboard tracking tornado transactions.

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Founds this dashboard today: Relay Overview - Open Source Ethereum Blockchain Explorer - - 2022

Among many other things, it displays the number of unique builders for each relay which I haven’t seen in any other dashboard.

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Full-Scale DeFi Deep Data Platform Covering MEV, Front Run, Liquidation, Flash loan, and Lending.

Rollup operators have costs (L1 data publication, L2 operator costs etc.) and revenues (txn fees, token issuance etc.)

These are driven by “raw materials” (calldata, usage, dev activity .etc)

This dashboard tracks some of these key metrics so that we can evaluate the health of a rollup’s economy

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A couple more fantastic dashboards:

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Very cool Ethereum block analytics dashboard visualizing builder bids in real-time by

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